Bridging loans

Europe’s leading platform for international residential property finance.

Bridging Loans are fast to arrange and highly efficient financial solutions to generate liquidity to solve problem or seize opportunities.

Our bridging loans are secured against your property.

We don’t have a particular view on your use of our loans. Our loans can be used in many ways such as:

You want a loan process that is designed to your needs.

You want to buy a property quickly.

Normal lenders such as banks don’t lend to you.

You want to re-mortgage your property to get extra cash for the value of your property but you don’t want to sell at the moment.

You want to complete a modernisation on a property.

At Interbridge we operate two types of interest payments.

Retained Interest

We will deduct the future interest payments of your loan from the gross loan amount o that you don’t have any on-going liquidity constraints. So you will receive from us the net loan amount and you will pay the gross loan amount at the end of the loan.

Serviced Interest

You will pay the interest monthly as you would with a traditional loan.

Key Features of our Bridging Loans

  • Min Loan Size: EURO 750,000
  • Maximum Loan Size: Euro 5,000,000
  • Loan Term: up to 24 Months
  • Interest Rates: 1% per month
  • Total Broker Fees: 3-6% depending on circumstances
  • Countries: Austria, Germany, France, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, (for UK please contact us)

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Applications for European Bridging product accepted from Intermediaries only.

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